Kevin C. Dooley – profile


Hi, my name is Kevin C. Dooley. Do I look like an alcoholic? Would you consider for one moment that I was addicted to drugs like heroin or cocaine; that I could be an ex-prisoner?

The answer is I have been all of these.

During these difficult years of my life:

  •  I became involved in criminal gangs, a repeat violent offender and spent long terms as a maximum security prisoner.
  •  Due to my long term heroin and crack cocaine addiction I was unable to attend the funerals of my mother and two brothers.
  •  When my son died aged 16 years old while I was in prison, I attended his burial handcuffed and escorted by prison officers.
  •  Homeless and undernourished in the West End of London I would spend any money I had on drugs rather than food.
  •  I have overdosed several times being brought back to life only by the skill of paramedics.

84x59 - kevin 4As a result I have made it my aim to work with people who have problems with addiction and offending. Now abstinent some years I have been successful in co-creating with clients a life that leaves behind addiction and offending. To people who are going through the revolving door of re-offending and addiction I am able to offer bespoke programmes. This will allow them to experience and achieve well being, balance and growth unlike ever before. To recover a lust for life!


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