Ascension programme

The Gateway to Change

For people with convictions, homeless people and those addicted to drugs, recovery is often fraught with anxiety, confusion,frustration and overwhelming emotional disturbances so difficult to cope with, that relapse, too often, can become a solution.

Also, offenders who are on probation (serving their sentence in the community, or have been released from prison on licence or on parole) recent years have seen an alarming increase in prison recalls among this population. Re-offending rates are also stagggering with 47 per cent of adults reconvicted within one year of being released – for those serving sentences of less than 12 months this increases to 60 per cent. Such recidivism by ex-prisoners is estimated to cost society at least £11 billion a year!

ASCENSION is a programme of coaching & education providing interventions for clients that focus solely on unlocking the resources necessary for achieving sustainable recovery thereby addressing the main problems of relapse and prison recalls.

ASCENSION helps people caught in addiction and patterns of re-offending discover and effectively use the emotional and cognitive resources necessary for them to flourish and thrive in recovery, providing them with the main building blocks to positive and successful re-integration into their community.

The ASCENSION programme can easily be delivered in prisons or in the community.



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