Clean & Sober Coaches

Clean & Sober Coaches are professionally trained CRB-checked people who have recovered from addiction and related issues such as homelessness and offending.

Practiced in the principles of successful recovery, Clean & Sober Coaches act as a guide to newly clean and sober individuals and those recently returning from relapse.

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Coaches meet with the participant from weekly to several times per week to work on a variety of recovery-related issues. This can be done weekly through several 1-1 sessions and/or telephone/email contact.

The work of our Clean & Sober Coaches can be integrated with our Ascension Programme to achieve and sustain positive change.

What we do

Our coaches work to:

  • Strengthen the value of living clean and sober lives.
  • Identify areas that may present obstacles to continued abstinence
  • Direct clients to resources that can help them remain free from addiction.
  • Support clients during challenges that arise in everyday life
  • Help clients identify, grow and develop healthier decision making


Our Clean & Sober Coaching model avoids the punitive nature of the legal system and the negative reinforcement of behaviour that goes along with it.

Working with our Clean & Sober coaches, our clients benefit from the following:

  • Fewer arrests/health related presentations
  • Increased awareness and intuition of relapse triggers and how to avoid them
  • More responsive and willing to act on positive suggestions
  • Increased self care
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Increased empathy
  • Increased communication skills


  • Visits: Clean & Sober Coaches can visit participants in prison or at any appropriate setting in the community.
  • Duration: Clean & Sober Coaches maintain participant 1-1 coaching for periods  ranging from two hours to a month or more.
  • Confidentiality: Our coaches work with complete discretion and confidentiality.


Bookings are managed by Glennie Justice. For more information contact:

Ian Glennie: | 07734 858121  |




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