Solution Focused Workshops for clients

We provide Solution Focused Workshops for anyone experiencing  a mix of long-term unemployment, patterns of offending and/or substance misuse.  These are energizing, uplifting sessions that provide pragmatic tools and techniques which participants can put to use immediately.

Our workshops cover:

  1. Creating Positive Change
  2. Positive Structure
  3. Self Management
  4. Reframing
  5. Relatedness
  6. Belief Systems

The workshops aim to:

  • introduce principles of change and motivate participants to progress to the next step of their journey
  • increase self esteem and confidence
  • increase awareness of how motivating models can be used with them to offer positive guidance and direction
  • encourage increased discourse, discussion, healthier decision making and positive behavioural change
  • help create a logical pathway to becoming employable and fully reintegrated into the community.

Workshop bookings are managed by Glennie Justice.
For more information contact: Ian Glennie: | 07734 858121  |

We prioritise participant engagement and retention among a hard to engage population by using the skills of motivational relationship building, collaborative working, promotion of self-autonomy and self-innovation and active participant involvement.

Testimonial from clients

 “Quite refreshing to have someone who understands and cares. Every time I see you I feel positive and motivated and I feel good. I feel you believe in me. Alliance is collaborative – and everything I say is valid – and you listen.”


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