Kevin Dooley has obtained superb feedback for his work.  Here is a small selection:

From the British Society for Criminology

“It takes a lot to quieten a room full of criminologists, but Kevin Dooley’s impassioned speech at the British Society for Criminology Annual Dinner captured everyone’s attention.  Kevin spoke from the heart, and from his own bitter experiences.   At a time when politicians and criminal decision-makers seem disinclined to listen to evidence about the impacts of their policies, they could do well to listen carefully to Kevin.  The first half of his talk left no-one in any doubt about the dire consequences of a childhood damaged by poverty, deprivation and violence, where the roots of crime and addiction lie.

The second half of his talk was a lesson to criminologists: first concerning the bitter personal struggles that fighting addiction and changing a life can entail, and that behind every conviction lies an often unheard human story.  Secondly he addressed the need to speak out for more effective supports and interventions to help those making the decision to change.  Kevin knows, he’s been there and done it, and he has much to contribute.  As the outgoing President of the BSC, Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe said, following Kevin’s talk:  “Kevin should inspire us all to make some noise” on behalf of a fairer society and a better criminal justice system.  It is hard to disagree.”

Peter Squires
Professor of Criminology & Public Policy
University of Brighton
BSC President,  July 2015

From UK Clinical Pharmacy Association

In a highly inspirational talk, Kevin C Dooley was open and honest about his former life of addiction, repeat offending and homelessness and the role that adverse events during his childhood had played in creating the conditions for him to enter this way of life. 

His message to us? Don’t punish addiction, take the time to understand the person. Pharmacists can play a role in simply providing a caring and attentive interaction. Warmth and kindness is sometimes the best medicine.”

Dr Sarah Carter, General Secretary, UKCPA

 From Red Rose Recovery at the recent Lancashire User Forum group

“I was both engrossed and overwhelmed with your talk. It was both insightful and uplifting. Our service users spoke about you as: ‘a motivational powerhouse whom people could connect with on many varying levels.’  You could feel the charged and enthused atmosphere in the room when you had finished.”

Michael Holt, Red Rose Recovery

From leading social entrepreneurs

I was with a great guy, a Scottish guy last night, Kevin Dooley, who has spent years in prison, but Kevin Dooley got out of the sticky stuff, he is now going into prisons and teaching people, once part of the problem, he is now part of the solution, and he has done all this, he needs the light shone on him, so that other people can see what he is doing.
John Bird MBE, Founder of The Big Issue
speaking at the University of the Highlands and Islands Public Lecture Series

As a speaker on justice, addiction and homelessness

Kevin came to speak about his life to pharmacy students at the BPSA conference in Durham. The aim of the conference was to try and change people’s perception around addiction, to treat it as an illness and not a crime. Within one talk, Kevin had completely changed both the perception and the atmosphere in the room, from one of curiosity into one of fascination… Fascination that such brilliant things could come from a life almost discarded by society. Suddenly the students saw how important the correct treatment of addiction is. They left the room enlightened and excited, more able to empathise with addicts and determined in future careers to change their treatment for the better, now aware that the slow and difficult path in treating addiction can not only save lives, but make them too.
Alastair Paterson, British Pharmacists Students Association


Your talk was fascinating and insightful, and was an utterly invaluable addition to the debate. You, more than any other participants that night revolutionised the way audience members thought about homelessness. I have had scores of people telling me what an impression you made and how lucky they felt to hear your experiences.
Anna Stansbury, President, Cambridge Union Society

As a recovery coach and programme facilitator

Kevin has a unique way of connecting with clients that other case manager have found closed and struggled with. He seems to be able to spark off motivation within clients that have remained stuck for years. Kevin has the ability to encourage clients to think the unthinkable – the idea that change for them is possible.
Ali Donna, Counsellor


Kevin’s work ethos holds the clients wellbeing at the heart of the all he does. He has the ability to offer clients extra support in times of crisis. He appears to have a natural ability to retain his composure when dealing with the most problematic and chaotic of clients and for secure relationships with them.
Ken Todd, ARA Addiction Recovery Agency


Kevin is respectful, open, honest and willing to share his in-depth knowledge of drugs and drug using behaviours. This is what he offers to colleagues and to the client. He has achieved so much in his own personal journey and is willing to give to the community.”
Chris Werton, Counsellor


We have worked together with a number of clients from the Drug Intervention Team. Kevin is extremely conscientious and concerned for the wellbeing of his patients and advocates for them.
Dr Sam Forshall, Consultant


Service users we jointly work with say Kevin is someone they find easy to work with and he will continue to chip away until he finds some way of progressing with them, way beyond the point where a lot of others would give up.
Probation Service Officer, Weston-Super-Mare


“The people who I supervise, who are also engaged with yourself, speak highly of you and say they feel supported, encouraged and motivated by your intervention.”
Probation Officer, Weston-Super-Mare


Kevin’s clinical skills are excellent and I have witnessed his ability to engage and work with our service user group.
James Brazier, Team Manager,
Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust

From clients

Quite refreshing to have someone who understands and cares. Every time I see you I feel positive and motivated and I feel good. I feel you believe in me. Alliance is collaborative – and everything I say is valid – and you listen.


Kevin finds it easy to speak to me. He doesn’t make false promises. He talks straight and gets people on their arse off their arse.



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