‘Helping clients create relationships that help bring about sustainable rehabilitation and recovery’

  • We work with organisations who desire to optimise relationships and attitudes necessary to help people discover and effectively use their emotional and cognitive resources to flourish and to thrive.
  • We provide new insight and new understanding that offers solutions to the revolving door of offending and relapse. In doing so, we help create more effective relationships between the people who are experiencing this and the organisations working with them.
  • With our experience, knowledge and unique insights regarding issues and aspects of re-offending and addiction, we help our clients develop a more profound optimum environment for change.

‘The catalyst for your client to go further will be your new insight, new understanding and new attitude’

Integrated recovery programmes

Training workshops for staff and family members

  • Another fail to attend?
  • The heart of addiction
  • Stress, addiction and offending

Solution focussed workshops for clients

  • Creating positive change
  • Positive structure
  • Self management
  • Reframing
  • Relatedness
  • Belief systems


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